LAN Installation Instructions

District LAN Install

  1. Install Microsoft Access on the server. Perform all Windows and Office updates.
  2. Assign all TBInv users to a Windows group.
  3. Create a shared folder like c:\TBInv. Grant all users of the group above FullControl of the folder. They will need to create, change and delete files. Remove the Everyone user from the share.
  4. Unzip TBInv setup files into the shared folder.
  5. Double click c:\TB\TBInv.mdb to create a TB shortcut on your desktop. Rename this shortcut to TBSvr.
  6. Map the share to a single drive letter like Z:. All workstations will use this same drive letter.
  7. Double click TB.mdb on the server to create a desktop shortcut. Rename it TBSvr.
  8. Click the TBSvr desktop and logon as Super. Click Tables, select the Setup table, click Edit and then Link. Change the data tables to \\tbsvr\TBDat.mdb where tbsvr is the network name of your server and TBDat is the name of your shared data tables database.
  9. Create users and copy ageebk.mdw to tb_.mdw for easy rollout to the schools.
  10. Optional: Install the database to import from your student system to TBInv and set up scheduled tasks.

School PC Install

  1. Make a new folder called c:\work on the school PC.
  2. Map the shared folder to the same drive letter that you used on the server.
  3. Copy TB.mdb and tb_.mdw from the server to c:\work on the school PC.
  4. Double click c:\work\tb.mdb to create a TB shortcut on the school PC's desktop.
  5. Right-click the shortcut, select Properties and change the Target after /USR to the user's UserID.
  6. If you get a macro security warning, enable macros.
  7. To install the barcode font, double-click 3of9.reg on the server and click Install.
  8. Show the user how to log on.
After the initial install, TBInv updates are automatic on School PCs.