Other Maintenance Tips

Updates. Occasionally the developer provides an update to the front end database (tb.mdb)

The district textbook coordinator simply copies the the new tb.mdb over the old one and starts the database. After this, when each school logs into their copy of tb.mdb, it notifies them that a new version is available and copies the new version to their PC. They must restart the database to complete the process.

UserID changes. When the textbook coordinator adds or deletes a user or the user's password changes, each school user is notified that there is a new version of the database available. After the new .MDW file is copied to their PC, they must restart the database.

Scheduled Backup. Set up a scheduled task to automatically back up your server's c:\tbinv\ dir nightly.

TBLocal. Setup instructions show how to set up a single-click local version of the shared database for working offline or from a laptop.

Compact. See hdfmtbl.htm. The district textbook coordinator should run this weekly for best performance. If users are in the database when you need to run this, use the Quit feature to force them out of the database within three minutes.