Release Notes

Ver 6.3 12/18/2017

  1. Add BookCode and Stu to Transfer table
  2. Simplify and speed up Transfers* queries
  3. Add tmpTeacherAuth table to speed up SchoolInventory report
  4. Add tmpClassInventory table to speed up ClassInventory report
  5. Remove API calls from data tables database for 64bit Office
  6. Add Sel to User and School forms
  7. Add Link to Setup form to Table form
  8. Add Data Integrity form to Setup form
  9. Add Data Integrity queries:
  10. Del tmp table recs and compact TB.mde on close

Ver 6.2 11/9/2017

  1. Add feature to export any report to PDF.

Ver 6.1 1/31/2017

  1. Add code to create shortcut when user double clicks on database.
  2. Add negative checkbox to SchoolInventory and InventoryByBook reports.

Ver 6.0 1/19/2017

  1. Add option to Transfers report to show only where ShippedQty<>ReceivedQty.

Ver 5.9 9/28/2011

  1. Improve Book SelAll and ClearSel to operate only on the records in the BookID combo
  2. Count Sel recs when Find is changed or SelAll / ClearSel are clicked

Ver 5.8 7/14/11

  1. Change query of Report form Book combo when report is Components to show only books with components

Ver 5.7 4/13/11

  1. Fix bug in Transfer Find feature when searching for TransferID
  2. Make Book form Transfer button work without popup

Ver 5.6 4/10/11

  1. Make Alt-F clear Book form Find box
  2. Make Book form Find look in Book and Component tables

Ver 5.4 6/1/09

  1. Use temp tables to speed up School Inventory queries

Ver 5.3 5/26/09

  1. Show number of records that are Sel on Book form
  2. Add Groups textbox to Book form to show Groups to which that book belongs
  3. Add Group and BookGroup tables
  4. Add Groups link to open Group form
  5. Add Group form

Ver 5.2 11/25/08

  1. Fill short StudentIDs with 9 0's on Issue form
  2. Show Student name on Transfer form
  3. Don't AutoTurnIn on Issue form if book serial was already turned in
  4. Don't show unauthorized books issued and then turned on Books Issued to Student report

Ver 5.1 11/4/08

  1. On StudentIssue form, Find by StudentID or Student.LastName, FirstName
  2. Show only one instance of Book on StudentIssue form Book combo
  3. Filter Issue & StudentIssue by Usr for multi user use on term server
  4. Default Issue & StudentIssue forms to use BookSerial
  5. Make Exit tooltip=Save & Exit on Issue & StudentIssue
  6. Don't Xfer Issue if To field is blank
  7. Add Edit link for Student on Issue form
  8. Add Edit link for Book on StudentIssue form
  9. Show Student name on Issue.
  10. On StudentBook rpt, offer option to show only issued books
  11. Find by BookSerial on Issue form
  12. On Issue form, warn if issuing a book more than once to same student
  13. On Issue form, auto turn-in book serial issued to another student
  14. Add StudentIssue report (Books issued to students (and not returned) by school and course

Ver 5.0 10/22/08

  1. On Transfer form if user is a school, disable To, From and Book when ReqQty is updated
  2. On Transfer form if user is a school, update ShipQty and RecQty if transferring to a student or teacher
  3. On Issue form offer to clear table if moving to or from StudentIssue form
  4. Show Sel before School Inventory in title of SchoolInventory and SchoolInventoryAll reports if Sel is checked on Report form

Ver 4.9 8/15/08

  1. If transferring school has a negative balance of a book on a transfer, only ask the sender if they want to adjust the balance to 0

Ver 4.8 6/12/08

  1. Stop Issue or StudentIssue if BookID<50
  2. Search StudentBook & Issue forms for Book by BookID, Book, BookCode, ISBN & Comment (UPC)
  3. Also search StudentIssue form by BookSerial
  4. Add Limited user who can see Issue/StudentIssue forms & 3 reports only
  5. Remove Teacher Editions from ClassRosterForBook rpt.
  6. Widen BookSerial on BooksIssuedToStudent to 15 chars
  7. On Transfer form exit, Del Trans if BookID=0 or blank
  8. Make ExcessBooksToStudent rpt match BooksIssuedToStudent rpt.
  9. Add SelXfersForSelBooks to Auto form

Ver 4.7 5/2/08

  1. Add option to Transfers form to show SchoolsOnly
  2. Put leading 0s on Student labels
  3. Show only Student books with Auto checked on BooksIssuedToStudent report
  4. Show unauthorized books, TransferID & BookSerial on BooksIssuedToStudent report
  5. Pick School from StudentID on Report form
  6. Add StudentIssue form to issue many books to one student
  7. Add hotkeys to Main menu: Alt-D=StudentIssue, Alt-E=Teacher, Alt-L=School, Alt-O=Course & Alt-S=Student form
  8. Show qty Auth on Transfer form only if AutoUpdate is checked on Book form

Ver 4.6 4/28/08

  1. Offer to clear Transfer.Sel when Label form opens
  2. Show Transfers on StudentBook form
  3. Find Book by ID, BookCode, Book or ISBN on Issue form
  4. Make TurnIn reduce inventory correctly
  5. Offer to Clear after Issue Xfer
  6. Widen combos on forms
  7. Show SpEd on Student form
  8. Only show student BookTypes on Issue form
  9. Add Find for Book on Issue form
  10. Don't check Auto when BookType is updated on Book form
  11. Verify BookID & issued StudentID upon TurnIn
  12. Look up StudentID from BookSerial
  13. Import to Issue form from XLS, MDB, CSV etc. (for PDA/TabletPC)

Ver 4.5 4/27/08

  1. Change BookSerial to Text(15) in Transfer, Inventory & Loss tables.
  2. Change Transfer find routine to find BookSerial
  3. Open Transfer form if only one record is found using Find
  4. Find Transfer by StudentID
  5. Improve Import routine to reduce database bloat
  6. Don't let users Issue to District
  7. Change To/From on Issue form for Turn-In
  8. Auto receive issued books

Ver 4.4 4/15/08

  1. Speed up transfer form for district users in student accountability mode.
    (Show only schools in To/From combo & 0 in ClassTo & ClassFrom combos).
  2. Save Transfers form data to table before opening Transfer form.

Ver 4.3 4/7/08

  1. Show authorized books on transfer form when district impersonates a school with Transfers.ShowAuth checked
  2. Add SpEd field to Student table, form and import.
  3. Fix Compact link on Setup form

Ver 4.2 2/26/08

  1. Warn about books enroute on Special transfers and for district users
  2. Change red Special labels to yellow background
  3. Show Special labels on Transfer Bulk report when called from Transfer form
  4. Change Import routine to run while users are logged on
  5. Fix bug in Forced Quit function

Ver 4.1 2/20/08

  1. Tell user Adjustment created on Loss form
  2. Consider books enroute when limiting ReqQty of transfer
  3. Don't check Auth on turn in to district
  4. Limit Auth of teacher editions to number of teachers in school teaching with that book
  5. Handle Prev/Next navigation buttons on Transfer form
  6. Add Special field to Transfer table and form. Field can't be turned off by School user. If Special is checked, the user can order any quantity of any book. The transfer forms and reports show SPECIAL in red.
  7. Let school request only books that have Auto checked on Book form. (Special transfers can still request)

Ver 4.0 (2/14/08

  1. Change title on School Inventory All report
  2. Set School combo on Report form to 0 when report changes (avoids unwanted filter problem)
  3. Pull Audit report from School Inventory All query
  4. Let super user View and Export Teacher, Student and StudentClass tables in all accountability modes
  5. Fix bug in Prev/Next Transfer

Ver 3.9 (2/9/08)

  1. Import Teacher Grade
  2. Speed up School report
  3. Add Audit report

Ver 3.8 (1/18/08)

  1. Add report form option to filter the following reports to show only books where Sel is checked.
    • Book
    • BookNoCourse
    • BookBySubject
    • InventoryByBook
    • CourseByBook
    • ClassInventory
    • SchoolInventory
    • DistrictInventory
    • Component
  2. Sort the Book form Courses subform by StateCourseNo and CourseNo
  3. Add option to report form to show one or all schools on School report
  4. Add link to Subject form to Sel all books with that subject
  5. Add link to Subject form to set all Sel books to that subject
  6. Add link to Vendor form to Sel all books with that vendor
  7. Add link to Vendor form to set all Sel books to that vendor
  8. Sel books being retired by year
  9. Sel Consumable Books
  10. Stop Next or Prev buttons on Transfer form if RequestQty<0
  11. Delete Transfer on exit if RequestQty<0
  12. Reset Transfer RequestQty to 0 if To, From or Book changes
  13. Don't allow Transer form To, From or Book change if Transfer has been shipped
  14. Put PageHeader on last page of SchoolInventoryAll report if it is not the District total

Ver 3.7 (1/8/08)

  1. Add Price and BookTypeID to School Inventory & SchoolInventoryAll rpts
  2. Hide district total footers on those rpts if one school
  3. Remove warning when Transfer ShipQty = QtyOH
  4. Widen Main frm School combo
  5. Add option to sort Books w/o Course rpt by BookCode, Book, BookID, ISBN
  6. Hide hidden courses on Book.BookCourse subform
  7. Widen InventoryByBook School field
  8. Add Component report
  9. Make Book form Find search by BookID and search in Components too
  10. Mark ticket printed only if District prints it
  11. Add BooksBySubject report
  12. Show Student/Teacher/ESL count by class on detailed School rpt
  13. Authorize ESL students an English version of each book plus the ESL book
  14. Put Warehouse count and $ on Inventory by Book rpt
  15. Add Grade field to tblTeacher

Ver 3.6 (10/31/07)

  1. Add Price and BookTypeID to School Inventory rpt
  2. Add Price and BookTypeID to School Inventory All rpt
  3. Removed warning when Transfer ShipQty = QtyOH. Still warns if ShipQty > QtyOH
  4. Widened Main frm School combo
  5. Hid School Inventory footer (district total) if showing only one school
  6. Hid School Inventory All footer (district total) if showing only one school
  7. Set default Filter frame to All on School Inventory All

Ver 3.5 (6/17/07)

  1. Sort Transfer combos by SchoolNo, UserID, not SchoolID
  2. Widen School form School combo
  3. Show number of schools licensed on Setup form
  4. Let super users view and Export schools
  5. Add book filter to District inventory
  6. Lock school users to issue or request books from District user in Setup table
  7. Limit super user from deleting transfers from Transfers form. SHould use Auto.
  8. Show negative quantity OH for School, SchoolAl and Class inventory
  9. Add Printed checkbox to Transfers and Transfer forms for district users
  10. Add option to Transfers form to SelMyUnprinted transfers
  11. Don't let school users ship to themselves
  12. Don't let school users order more than authorized
  13. Don't let school users receive order until it is shipped
  14. Widen Transfer To & From combos
  15. Widen User form School combo

Ver 3.4 (5/11/07)

  1. Give Course report option to show courses for District w/StuCt, TeaCt, ESL & sorts. (Replaces Courses rpt)
  2. Limit School user transfers To/From District or their school
  3. Limit School users to transfer books authorized at their school
  4. Cancel TransferBulk report if it contains multiple SchoolTo or SchoolFrom
  5. Sort TransferBulk report by BookCode (or Bin & BookCode if from District)
  6. Enlarge/add comment for Transfer, Vendor, User. Make comments scroll and enter moves to next line in field.
  7. Keep schools from being able to receive Transfers for any school but their own
  8. Improve filtering options for Sel records on Transfers report
  9. Add Find box to Component form

Ver 3.3 (4/11/07)

  1. Widen tblTransfer.Comment to 255 chars
  2. Add AddCmtToSelRecs link on Transfers form
  3. Show filter on Transfers report
  4. Add Ext checkbox on Report form to show Transfers to/from Ext source
  5. Add ISBN to all reports with BookCode
  6. Add ChkAuth link to Transfers form for District users. If true, shows authorized books in Transfer book combo, otherwise shows all books. Schools only see authorized books.
  7. Add sorts and filter to Component form
  8. Show Comp link on Book form
  9. Show BookID & number of records on Component form
  10. Find Books by ISBN, Comment or Bin
  11. Add Sel & ShowSel checkboxes to Book form
  12. Add SelAll & SelNone links to Book form to set Sel for records in filtered recordset
  13. Add Del link to Book form above Course subform to remove Course/Book associations
  14. Let Schools see only their own SchoolInventory and SchoolInventoryAll reports

Ver 3.2 (4/8/07)

  1. Speed up Transfer form combos
  2. Change New button on Transfers form to Copy existing transfer
  3. Bind Consumable checkbox on Book form to correct field
  4. Make InventoryByBook report filter correctly
  5. Change Transfers report to TransferBulk
  6. Reinstate old Transfers report to show multiple Transfers
  7. Clear RecDate on Transfer form if user blanks or zeroes RecQty
  8. Show TotalPrice on TransfersByBook report
  9. Add Find box to Transfers form to locate transfers containing a string in their comment
  10. Verify Transfers report filters for Sel records if one is selected.

Ver 3.1 (3/13/07)

  1. Hide Courses instead of deleting them if they are missing from Teams data
  2. Add School Inventory All report to show inventory even if not authorized
  3. Add Inventory By Book report

Ver 3.0 (1/26/07)

  1. Add SelTransRpt link to Transfers form to view Sel Transfers rpt
  2. Alt-3 on Transfers form prints 3 copies of Transfers rpt
  3. Show Del button on User form to Super users
  4. Move Ship & Rec Dates to header, make Ship & Rec qty show ___ when 0. Add BkOrd & Pull Qty to Transfers rpt.
  5. Change formula on District Inventory Need column
  6. Show all schools in Transfers rpt combo including SchoolType=A

Ver 2.9 (12/20/06)

  1. Add option for one page Transfer doc
  2. Import tblCourse.StCourseNo
  3. Add Component table & form for books that aren't issued separately
  4. Add Consumable checkbox to Book table & form (Click Alt-Z on Main menu to enable)

Ver 2.8 (12/13/06)

  1. Offer to sort Book rpt by BookCode, Title or BookID
  2. Add All link beside Transfer form Book combo to show all books in district without checking authorizations
  3. Improve column sorts on Transfers, Class, Inventory, Student & Teacher forms
  4. Show unauthorized books on district inventory (book must be associated w/course/class to show on school inventory)
  5. Add Sel to Transfer form so user can select transfers to batch together.
  6. Add filter to Transfers report that offers to show only Sel transfers.
  7. Add Signature block at bottom of Transfers report so it can be used as a bulk accountability document.

Ver 2.7 (10/1/06)

  1. Verify super user has current MDW file before opening User form
  2. Let super user change passwords of all users
  3. Change context sensitive Help links to use website
  4. Move all batch file operations from c:\ to database front end folder
  5. Enlarge fonts on buttons
  6. Add EXT as sending user for books ordered from outside the district
  7. Change tblClass.ClassNo to T4
  8. Add tblClass.Period (T2)

Ver 2.6 (7/18/06)

  1. Widen CourseNo from 6 to 8 characters
  2. Add ISBN to District Inventory report

Ver 2.5 (4/8/05)

  1. Simplify frmStudent
  2. Add frmStudentDetail
  3. Add TextLabel report
  4. If you click New from the Student form when the Class is open, you can select students in the school to assign to the class selected on the Class form
  5. On the Student form when the Class form is open, Del removes the student from the class.
  6. Add YearEnd procedures to the Transfer Auto form. This provides the following options:
    • Delete transfers for returned books
    • Delete class enrollment for students
    • Delete students in a grade (graduate)
    • Move students to the next grade
    • Change SchoolID of students in a grade
  7. Add Fields:
    tblSetup.Stu Y/N
    tblStudent.Guardian2 T20, WorkPhone T10, HomePhone T10, MobilePhone T10, Comment T255
    tblTransfer.Owner T1 D=Dist,C=School,T=Teacher,S=Student,O=Other

Ver 2.4

  1. Add BookSerial field to Transfer form and reports

Ver 2.3

  1. Add Inventory form for school inventory. You can import or export the data. Automatically creates adjustment transfers and adds to loss table.
  2. Add Issue form to issue to students using barcode scanner. You can track books by serial number. You can export the data. Automatically creates transfers.
  3. Add warehouse bin to book form.
  4. Add editable Form Letters report forms.
  5. Add editable Loss Letter to loss and report forms.
  6. Add Label form to edit and print Barcode Labels.
  7. Add StudentDrop report.