Getting Started

  1. Logon as Super and change password (Table, User, Edit, Pwd).
  2. Enter district unique info (Table, Setup, Edit). Determine accountability level.
  3. Enter school data (Table, School, Edit).
  4. Email sample of your district system's course, class & student data to developer.
  5. Add a user for each school (Table, User, Edit).
  6. Verify BookType & Subject tables (Report, BookType & Subject).
  7. Enter vendors (Table, Vendor, Edit)
  8. Enter or append books (Book form).
  9. Append courses and classes. (Table, Course, Append & Table, Class, Append)
  10. Import StudentCount and schedule, teachers & students if required. (Table, Import).
  11. Assign courses to books (Book form).
  12. Export inventory spreadsheets to schools to simplify inventory.(Report)
  13. Use Table, View and Reports to ensure tables are filled with accurate data.
  14. Import initial inventory. (Transfer, Auto, ImportInitialInventory).
  15. Create transfers to direct schools to turn in surplus books. (Transfer, Auto).
  16. After surplus books are received at warehouse, mark them received. (Transfer form)
  17. Issue fill shortages from warehouse stock. (Transfer, Auto)
  18. Use DistrictInventory report to order district shortages and identify district surplus. (Report)
  19. Enter budget table. (Table, Budget, Edit).