Class Form

Updates info about classes.

Classroom textbook inventory

To open the form: Click Class from the Main menu.

To find a record: Select a school and scroll or PgDn to find a class. If you enter a number in the Find box, the cursor moves to the record with that ClassID. If you enter a word in the Find box, the records are filtered to show only records whose Course or TeacherID match the word. By clicking the Sort links you can sort the records by ClassID (default), Course or TeacherID.

You can select a Course, ClassNo, StudentCount and Teacher. The Course and Teacher links show more info about the selected course or teacher. A Super user can check Hide to keep the class from appearing to school Users. This is useful for classes that don't normally have books, like lunch hour, are imported.

Click Issue to issue authorized books to either students or the teacher of the class. You'll get questions and status messages to guide you through creating the transfers.

Issue Textbooks to students or teachers

Books are issued to:

Books are issued from:

Click Stdnt to open the Student form for this class and see who has received or needs books.

Click Book to open the ClassBook form and see quantity of books required and on hand.

Note: Class info is imported so changes will be overwritten in the next update.