Course Form

Updates info about courses.

Course form for textbook accountability

To open the form: Click Table, select Course and click Edit.

To find a record: Select a course from the Course combo box. If you enter a number or word in the Find box, the Course combo box is filtered to show only CourseID, CourseNo or Courses containing that number or word.

Enter CourseNo, StateCourseNo, Course, select Subject, enter Grade and Comment. A Super user can check Hide to hide courses that don't normally have books. If books are associated with the course on the Book form, a hyperlink on the right side of the form shows the number of BookIDs. You can click the link to open the Book form. Click the Class button to open the Class form for all classes for this course. Click New on the Class form to add new classes to this course.

Note: Course info is imported so changes will be overwritten in the next update.