Loss Form

Tracks recovery and payment for lost, damaged and worn out books.

Track lost damaged or worn out textbooks

To open the form: Click Table, select Loss and click Edit.

To find a record: Select the UserID/BookCode(BookID) from the combo box or PgDn to scroll through the records. Only records with a blank Resolved date show by default. Check Resolved in the loss form header to see all loss records.

Click New to create a new record. Select the TransferID that assigned responsibility for the book to the user. This will automatically complete the User combo, contact info, book and price. Price considers depreciation entered on the setup form and age of book from the book form. You can change the fields as required. Verify the Qty and enter the Loss Description, Circumstances and Comment. Click Letter to print a loss letter. You can edit the format for the letter on the Letter form. When you view the letter, the date is stored in the comment field. ResolutionCodes are: Cancel, Found, NormalWear, Paid, Replaced, WriteOff and blank. The record is timestamped when you select a resolution code. You can enter additional information about the payment in the Resolution field.Click Adj to create an adjustment transfer to reflect the loss in the inventory.