Setup Form

Updates district unique and system info.

Textbook management

To open the form: Click Table, select Setup and click Edit.

Enter District and Contact info. Use WebDir for the area of your district's website related to textbooks. ImportMDB is the path to a custom developed Access database that converts district unique student and schedule data to a format that can be imported or merged by TBInv. SchoolQuota and DistrictQuota are factors to authorize a small percentage of excess books to be maintained at school or district warehouses before being declared excess. Enter the current school year and semester. If you check HideDel, School, Course and Class records with Del checked will be hidden from users. Use this to hide courses without books such as Lunch. The Depreciation field reduces the cost of lost books by this percent each year. For example, if depreciation is 15%, a book that cost $40 new adopted three years ago would cost the student $40 * (1.00- 3*.15) or $22. The NextSerialNo is the next available BookSerial label that will be printed on the Labels report.

Set Accountability by School/Course, Teacher/Class or Student:

The more accurate accountability is more complex and takes more time and paper to maintain. If you change accountability level while a semester is in progress, you may create a large workload.

Click Letter to edit form letter templates for the Letter report.

Textbook administration

The Link button lets you point to a different data file or 'back end' database. For example, to view an archived copy of the previous semester, copy the 'front end' database (c:\ageesw\tb.mdb) to c:\ageesw\tbold.mdb. Change tbold's Setup, Link to point to the archived 'back end' database. This way users can run reports without affecting current data. Click the Version info on the Main menu to see the name of the 'front end' and 'back end' databases.

Textbook database maintenance

To reduce confusion, the district textbook coordinator can change the form color using the Color button. Select Super, User or Line and click a color. Form backgrounds and alternating report lines will appear as that color throughout the district.