Transfers Report

Textbook Transfers

Transfers between two dates by school. Enter date range (default is current month), select District (default) or a school and select AllBooks (default) or a book. Shows TransferID, RequestDate, QtyRequested, BookCode, Book, BookID, ShipDate, QtyShipped, ReceiveDate, QtyReceived, ShippingSchool, SchoolID, Course, CourseID, Class, ClassID, ReceivingSchool, SchoolID, Course, CourseID, Class, ClassID, and Comment. Records are sorted by RequestDate, ReceivingSchool and BookCode. Footer counts transfers. (rptTransfers)

Textbook Reports form

Adjustment from external sources

Variations of this report include Trans w/Invalid Sch/Crs and Trans w/o Books. These reports contain data when a school, course or book has been deleted from the Table form after the transfer has been created.