School Inventory Form

Inventory textbooks using barcode scanner or handheld computer.

Textbook inventory system

To open the form: Click Inv from the Main menu.

Fill the form with data: Click All to fill the form with data based on transfer documents. None clears all records from the form. Del deletes a single record.

To find a record: Enter a search string in the Find box. The form searches the To, BookCode, Book and BookID fields. You can sort the To, BookCode, Book, OH or Bin columns. The form also shows Auth, BookSerial and Comment fields. Click the StudentID in a record to open the Student form.

Enter physical count info: Click New to add single records that are not based on existing transfers. You will be asked for the To (UserID, TeacherID or StudentID) and BookID. Click Append to append records from a CSV, DBF, MDB or XLS file. Fields should contain: To, BookCode, Book, BookID, Auth, OH, BookSerial, Bin and Comment. You can use this feature to import data from a handheld PC. Click Export to export the table to CSV, DBF, MDB, RTF, TXT or XLS format. Exporting a record is a quick way to create the data structure for import.

Report Losses: Click Loss to create records in the Loss table. Rpt opens the School Inventory report. Xfer opens the transfer form to show all transfers of the book to the user, teacher or student in the To column.