School Label Form

Create Barcode Labels

Textbook inventory barcode labels

To open the form: Click Report and select Label.

Select Type of Label: Select the Table to pull IDs from. Choices are Book, BookSerial, School, Student and Transfer.

Select from the For combo. Choices are for a School, Class or Student. Select the ID. Click Clear to delete existing labels in the table. Click CreateLabels to create the labels. The Copies column is based on inventory. For example if you select Book labels for School, ID=1, and click CreateLabels, the Copies column shows matches the School inventory. If you change the For combo to Class and select a geometry class for the ID, only enough book labels for that class will be created. To change all Copies to zero click Zero. To print only one of each label, click One. The first record has a blank in the ID column. This is a blank label so you can use partial sheets of labels. If four labels are missing from a sheet, print four copies of the blank label before printing the other labels. The title field lets you enter a custom message for the labels. Default is the district name and field name of the barcode.

Click View to view the labels or Print to print to the default printer. Labels are standard 15/16" high by 2 7/8" wide, ten rows of three across per page. To send labels to a printer other than your default printer, click View and select File, Print on the menu in the upper left of your screen. See the Label report for a sample.