School Setup Form

Shows district unique and system info.

Textbook tracking

To open the form: Click Table, select Setup and click Edit.

Shows District and Contact info. WebDir is for the website related to textbooks. SchoolQuota and DistrictQuota are factors to authorize a small percentage of excess books to be maintained at school or district warehouses before being declared excess. Shows the current school year and semester.

  • School accountability assigns books to the school textbook contact based on Course population.
  • Teacher accountability assigns books to a specific Teacher and Class based on Class population.
  • Student accountability issues books to the student. May perform slowly with large student populations.

    Depreciation reduces the price of lost books. For example, if a book was adopted three years ago and has 15% depreciation, the price will be 55% of the new price. NextSerialNo is the next serial number that will be printed on the Labels report when BookSerial is selected. HideDel hides School, Course and Class records with Del checked. This is used to hide courses without books such as Lunch.