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hdrclinv.htmClass textbook inventory report for district
hdrclnoc.htmClass without course (data integrity) for district textbook coordinator
hdrcls.htmClass report for district
hdrclsrs.htmClass roster for book. Textbooks issued to students.
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hdrloss.htmLost, damaged or worn out textbooks and funds collected
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hdrxfers.htmTextbook transfers report
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hsfmbook.htmSchool textbook form
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hsfmtbl.htmSchool textbook accountability tables for export
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hsfmuser.htmSchool User form
hsfmvend.htmSchool Vendor form
hsfmxfer.htmSchool Transfers, Transfer, Auto & Inventory forms
hsfrm.htmSchool textbook inventory management forms
hsrbkcrs.htmTextbooks by Course Report for school
hsrbkstu.htmTextbooks Issued to Student Report for school
hsrbktyp.htmBooks by BookType for school
hsrbook.htmTextbooks report for school
hsrbud.htmSchool textbook budget report
hsrclinv.htmClass textbook inventory report for district
hsrcls.htmClass report for school
hsrclsrs.htmClass roster for book. Textbooks issued to students.
hsrcrs.htmCourses report for school
hsrcrsbk.htmCourses by book for district
hsrpt.htmTextbook inventory reports menu for school users
hsrsch.htmSchools info for textbook inventory system
hsrsinv.htmSchool textbook inventory for district
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hsrsub.htmTextbook and course subjects for textbook management
hsrtea.htmTeachers in school
hsrvend.htmTextbook vendors
hsrxfer.htmTextbook accountability transfer transaction report for school
hsrxfers.htmTextbook transfers report for school